movie thumbnailer (mtn) usage

detailed usage:
  mtn [options] file_or_dir1 [file_or_dir2] ... [file_or_dirn]
options: (and default values)
  -a aspect_ratio : override input file's display aspect ratio
  -b 0.80 : skip if % blank is higher; 0:skip all 1:skip really blank >1:off
  -B 0.0 : omit this seconds from the beginning
  -c 3 : # of column
  -C -1 : cut movie and thumbnails not more than the specified seconds; <=0:off
  -D 12 : edge detection; 0:off >0:on; higher detects more; try -D4 -D6 or -D8
  -E 0.0 : omit this seconds at the end
  -f tahomabd.ttf : font file; use absolute path if not in usual places
  -F RRGGBB:size[:font:RRGGBB:RRGGBB:size] : font format [time is optional]
  -g 0 : gap between each shot
  -h 150 : minimum height of each shot; will reduce # of column to fit
  -i : info text off
  -I : save individual shots too
  -j 90 : jpeg quality
  -k RRGGBB : background color (in hex)
  -L info_location[:time_location] : location of text
     1=lower left, 2=lower right, 3=upper right, 4=upper left
  -n : run at normal priority
  -N info_suffix : save info text to a file with suffix
  -o _s.jpg : output suffix
  -O directory : save output files in the specified directory
  -p : pause before exiting; default on in win32
  -P : dont pause before exiting; override -p
  -r 0 : # of rows; >0:override -s
  -s 120 : time step between each shot
  -t : time stamp off
  -T text : add text above output image
  -v : verbose mode (debug)
  -w 1024 : width of output image; 0:column * movie width
  -W : dont overwrite existing files, i.e. update mode
  -z : always use seek mode
  -Z : always use non-seek mode -- slower but more accurate timing
  to save thumbnails to file infile_s.jpg with default options:
    mtn infile.avi
  to change time step to 65 seconds & change total width to 900:
    mtn -s 65 -w 900 infile.avi
  to step evenly to get 3 columns x 10 rows:
    mtn -c 3 -r 10 infile.avi
  to save output files to writeable directory:
    mtn -O writeable /read/only/dir/infile.avi
  to get 2 columns in original movie size:
    mtn -c 2 -w 0 infile.avi
  to skip uninteresting shots, try:
    mtn -D 4 infile.avi

mtn is a command-line program so its usage will mostly be done in a shell or command prompt. it has many options: Logo